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      My idea of an ideal elementary school would be the one every child will receive an excellent education. Achieves this by, the schools would need teachers to be creative, more interaction with the kids, reduce class size, have the ability to change teaching based on what does work in the classroom and most dedicated qualified teachers. What I mean by qualified I mean teachers need to be able to distinguish between two learning styles and disorders; that way all children can receive an education. Am not going to focus on the cost, but this school will be a public school.
      There are two different stories I would like to share that are related to education which I feel to demonstrate a connection to the readings and videos. A closely related problem is my friend has a son with ADHD a learning disorder. Before her son received the treatment, he had a hard time paying attention and caused him to act up. For the longest time, my friend believed what the teachers wanted her to think that her son was a troublemaker. She thought that her son did not want to learn and liked to distract the classroom, to the point that she would get calls from the school. So, he was not given any opportunity to learn like the other children in his classroom, not because he was a bad child, but because not one teacher took the time to try and help him.
Furthermore, I would like to share how the public school impacted my son’s and my life. When my son was in second grade, he started to get bullied by a couple of children that were the same age and in the same grade.

     One morning my son was hiding under the bed not wanting to come out refusing to go to school. My frustration skyrocket so I pulled him out while I was getting him ready her was crying. I asked him what was wrong why didn’t he want to go to school, but he continued to cry. Moreover, one day my son was not at the flag pole where he waited for me at the flag pole. To this day, still, picture his sad little face that breaks my heart and brings tears to my eyes. They kept on bullied, through my boy backpack on the roof; they hid his sweater was from him, his homework was taken away and was pushed from the monkey bars while he was holding to the bar which caused my son a fractured arm. I spoke to the teacher and principle regarding the incidents that were happing to my son I demanded that he watch his classroom and the principle supervise one hundred percent during recess. No one was doing nothing, so I took my son out of the public school and moved him to a private school. As a mother, I believe I made on of the best decision. I needed my son to feel and be safe. I find that public or private schools might not be for every child.

      Therefore, there are profound changes that are taking place in the way children are being educated nowadays because public schools overcrowded, and teachers are not able to give the attention that is needed. So, children are not getting the education that ever child needs. In this time of era, most parents are willing to homeschool their children because they want to protect them from violence, peer pressure, drugs, and other things that happen in the school. For this reason, parents are homeschooling their children. Although, homeschooling may offer a flexible schedule and lets children become independent learners. I believe that homeschooling might not be for every child. For example, my friend that has been homeschooling her daughter who has become addicted to video games and television. To the point, her child does not know how to make friends anymore or act when in gatherings. The child has gone to be shy and turned more alone. I didn’t blame the parents. That is why parents need to remember if considering homeschooling that there needs to parental commitment. Also, it’s the parent’s responsibility ensure that the child gets social activities as well. It’s not healthy for a child to be stuck at home all day without playing outside with other kids.

      Additionally, I would like to say that I liked “How Teachers Make Children Hate Reading” by John Holt. I remember when my son was in second grade at the public school he only read books that his teachers assigned and made that class read. According to Holt says that reading should be excited and joyous adventure where you read the good parts and skip the bad parts (Holt, pg. 362). However, I feel that some children have different learning styles. For example, some children are visual are an auditoria learner. It’s important for children to learn to read and comprehend what they are reading. There has to be a way to show kids they can learn without being afraid or feeling humiliated by the lack of reading or comprehension skills. In conclusion, children should have the opportunity to pick the book of their chose and read what they want. I think this will allow children to push themselves to read harder books, and also will learn to enjoy reading more.

    I am raising donations for my campaign. While it won’t be a guarantee of victory, it can go a long way toward that end. I have of course invested some of my own resources into this campaign in the form of a thousand dollars. Any amount would help my goal of an additional one thousand dollars. You can donate by clicking on my Gofundme link to the right. The date of November 8, 2016 is slated for the General Election.

        Thank you,   Richard T. King/Candidate