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For Our Students


Please allow me to introduce myself. my name is Richard T. King,
and I am running for a seat on the Lompoc Unified School Board.

I have been a resident in Lompoc for 23 years, and I have a family. My wife, Heide, is from the Philippines, and we have been married for sixteen years. My son Matthew, is in the seventh grade and currently attends Lompoc Valley Middle School. Prior to LVMS, Matthew attended Fillmore Elementary.

I was born in Downey, California in Los Angeles County.  I attended and graduated from Mayfair High School in Bellflower Unified School District in 1964.  After graduating from high school, I entered the Air Force in that same year.

After leaving the Air Force, I attended College in Orange County, California in 1970, where I majored in Telecommunication.  In 1974, I decided to re-enter the military, so I enlisted in the United State Army and served another 23 years.  In December of 1997, I retired from the military service.

    I am raising donations for my campaign. While it won’t be a guarantee of victory, it can go a long way toward that end. I have of course invested some of my own resources into this campaign in the form of a thousand dollars. Any amount would help my goal of an additional one thousand dollars. You can donate by clicking on my Gofundme link to the right. The date of November 8, 2016 is slated for the General Election.

        Thank you,   Richard T. King/Candidate