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Reform is needed!

I would like an opportunity to offer that change.

    My name is Richard T. King, and I have resided in Lompoc for the past 23 years. I am married and have a son who currently attend Lompoc Valley Middle School.

    Honestly, I am not a politician. I am running for School Board Member due to some concern about the educational achievement of the students in the district.  I would like to ensure our children obtain the best education possible to prepare them for the future.

My goal will be: 

    To raise school standards and challenge current school policy for Grades K thru 12.  A good example is the current grade promotion policy in elementary school.

My priorities are to:

1)  Bring the basic reading, writing, arithmetic, history, art, and science, back to the elementary schools.

3)  Raise Scholastic Achievement.

4)  Increase the safety of teachers and children at each school site.

5)  Raise the Standards.  Provide challenges to exercise the knowledge of student with open-mind.

6)  Improve communication between the Board and teacher and parents.

It is my pleasure to hear your voice, and I am willing to listen and learn.

Let us work together and make a difference.

VOTE FOR RICHARD T. KING on November 08, 2016.









    I am raising donations for my campaign. While it won’t be a guarantee of victory, it can go a long way toward that end. I have of course invested some of my own resources into this campaign in the form of a thousand dollars. Any amount would help my goal of an additional one thousand dollars. You can donate by clicking on my Gofundme link to the right. The date of November 8, 2016 is slated for the General Election.

        Thank you,  Richard T. King/Candidate

Site Disclaimer:

I would like to address this site www.richardtking.net is for informational purpose only.  These are my observation, opinion, views.  Any comments can be addressed to heiderichard29@gmail.com.  I will honor all comments and give you the best response to your comment.  I will work real hard with the parents, children, and teachers the school district on all matters.

        Thank you,

Richard T. King: Your neighbor candidate for Lompoc School Board Member.